“The theory of Nutritional Balancing is fascinating and is what separates it from other healing methods. Without the intricate theory behind it, one may think it is just another way to suggest diets and nutritional products, which it is certainly not. It is a separate science, developed over a number of years with painstaking research on hundreds of thousands of people.”
-Dr. Lawrence Wilson

What is Nutritional Balancing?

That is a loaded question. When you look across the internet for a clear and concise answer, you’re not likely to find one. Youtubes and articles across various websites abound attempting to explain what NB is, but they quickly devolve into explanations of what a hair test is, our recommendations for diet/supplements, where NB comes from or what NB can do for you. All while missing the 30,000-foot view of what NB actually is. Explaining NB is complicated and confusing because there are so many moving parts, so you can’t blame these folks for muddying the waters. They tried. This section of nutritionalanalytics.com seeks to clarify any confusion you might have regarding exactly what NB is. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

NB is a separate and distinct healing system. Think of it in a similar category as Acupuncture or Chiropractic work. These two systems have their own way of assessing health and their own methods for improving it. Secondly, and possibly the single most important element to NB is the recognition of the primacy of minerals in human health. The other elements in this healing system flow from this understanding. Before we get to those other elements, let’s discuss briefly why minerals are so critical.

Minerals are used in every body-system, every organ and by every cell in our body – they regulate nearly every level of our biochemistry.  They act as catalysts for enzymatic reactions, work as components of the enzyme itself, are co-factors for our neurotransmitters and hormones, they regulate pH and fluid balance, appetite, our sense of taste/smell, sleep, blood sugar, blood pressure, digestive enzymes, and most importantly, they reflect what is happening with the stress response. There is also a phenomenon known as the anthropomorphic quality of minerals, which states that since we store minerals in our body, certain characteristics of these minerals can be imparted to our thinking process and personality. In NB, minerals are the most important elements for all the reasons stated above, but most especially because they reflect what is happening with our stress response.  

By recognizing the importance of minerals for human health, one might then be implored to measure the mineral status of a person to understand where their health is at. Nutritional Balancing indeed does this. We use hair tissue mineral analysis as the primary tool for assessing the mineral status. In and of itself, using a hair test is not especially unique. Many functional and alternative health practitioners use hair testing for various reasons. However, the way in which we interpret the hair test is the thing that separates us from nearly every other healing system. Along with the recognition of the primacy of minerals to human health, the hair testing interpretation method that we use is at the heart of what NB is. This unique interpretation method was developed by Dr. Paul C. Eck in the late 1970s and early 1980s. By combining the research and ideas of George Watson Phd, Hans Selye MD, and Melvin Page DDS, along with his own discoveries and relentless empiricism, Dr. Eck created this unique and powerful way of looking at hair tests. Essentially, he boiled hair tests down to a stress analysis of the body. He was able to do this because of how the stress response regulates the minerals. But he didn’t stop there. He also developed his own unique way of recommending diet and supplements to affect the important elements revealed on the hair test by his interpretation method. He found that replacement therapy, where one simply gives a mineral supplement of a low level of that mineral, doesn’t work at all. To understand why this is true one must study the work of William Albrecht PhD, a world-renowned soil-scientist of the 20th century. Albrecht’s work elaborated on the idea of the mineral system that exists in the soils. This mineral system dictates that each mineral, according to its atomic structure, will affect every other mineral in sometimes unique and surprising ways. This same mineral system also applies to human beings and bringing it into balance is one of our main goals in NB, and of the most powerful ways to improve human health. The mineral wheel that you see on this website is a visual representation of the interrelationships of the mineral system.

 As you can see NB really is a separate and distinct healing system, with its own scientific underpinnings, method of assessment, and its own recommendations for improving health. Getting into the specifics of the interpretation, or our recommendations for diet/supplements/lifestyle is beyond the scope of this article and is examined in other areas on this website. This article is the 30,000-foot perspective on NB. With that in mind, the final point I’d like to make is that the end goal of NB is to balance the minerals on a properly performed and interpreted hair tissue mineral analysis. The hair test interpretation and recommendations are all in the service of this specific end-goal. As we balance the minerals on a hair test, the energy efficiency inside the cells rises dramatically, and healing takes place. This means, as we balance the minerals, heavy metals are eliminated, toxic chemicals or drugs you may have stored inside you are eliminated, infections are brought up to be dealt with, and you may have buried emotional traumas that come up to your awareness for processing.

When you put all the concepts together, what you get is NB.

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“The theory of Nutritional Balancing is fascinating and is what separates it from other healing methods. Without the intricate theory behind it, one may think

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